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Dawn F.

Dawn F.

I started Isagenix in 2012 simply to lose a few pounds, have energy and feel better. I never expected to reap the amazing benefits I have! Within days I have never felt better! I had energy I hadn’t had in years. I dropped 20 pounds. I started sleeping through the night like a baby and truly couldn’t imagine my life with these incredible products!

As an accountant and busy mom of two competitive baseball players, these easy and convenient system changed my life! 20 pounds down and 2 dress sizes was awesome. Because I love the products so much I decided to share with all of my friends and family!! Why not? Everyone deserves to feel just as amazing as I did! Thank you Isagenix for changing my life both physically and financially.

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Jessica S.

Jessica S.

I began my journey with Isagenix in 2013 after saying no for almost a year. Isagenix wasn’t something I thought was for me. I had a hard time gaining and sustaining my weight and so was unaware they offered a solution for me. I ate pretty clean and I worked out but I always felt like I was on the hamster wheel to no where with my energy. Working full-time in corporate, working out and chasing after two very small kiddos exhausted me and I couldn’t understand why when i was doing it all right. Or so I thought.

Isagenix gave me the solution to so many of the things I was missing.  Fast forward and this system is still a staple in my life and always will be. I had my third baby at 41 years old with more energy than ever and even did CrossFit till my delivery. I’ve found a love and confidence for in body , my curves, and my strength . I’ve fed my soul with the positive community this company creates. The ultimate has been walking away from the corporate life. I’ve found time freedom with my husband and kids. We now build this business from home full-time and make it our mission to help other families open their eyes to this opportunity. My only regret – I waited a year to say yes.

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Jamie B.

Looking at my before pictures is PAINFUL. Not only because physically I was unfit but because in spite of my best efforts to eat well I was obviously failing. Yes, I ate lots of clean food (we have an organic farm, after all) but I had a definite problem with portion control not to mention a coffee addiction coupled with sweets to get me through the day. And yes, I had tried some diets, but they always seemed to sacrifice long-term health for short-term results and were certainly not a sustainable route to a lifetime of health. By great good fortune, I learned about nutritional cleansing and was shown a different route to the body and health I envisioned.

Was I scared? Was I skeptical? You Bet!!! But I wanted a change badly enough that I was willing to put those voices aside and try a program that I saw delivering phenomenal results to so many people.

The Short Story: 30 lbs released in 2 months, countless inches gone, 3 dress sizes history. But the longer story is what really matters. Food cravings gone, consistent energy throughout my day, energized workouts that deliver results, handling stress like a charm, sleeping like a baby, waking rested and recharged. My body continues to transform and I feel better than I did when I was 20.

I will NEVER go back to the state I was in because I have the tools for a LIFETIME of health. I know now what it is to live in a body that is ON FIRE with VIBRANT HEALTH. And it is FABULOUS!
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Regina W.

Regina Wallace

Before Isagenix I was always tired feeling overwhelmed. I had my picture taken at a corporate event and was ashamed of how I looked. Summer was coming and I couldn’t fit into my clothes. I ordered my box as quickly as I could. Once I started, in 3 days I felt rested in the morning and in 5 days I gave up my naps. My energy returned the first week of being on the products! I went on to lose 20 pounds and 39 inches! That was in 2015 and I love how I feel every single day!

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Jodie E.

So before nutritional cleansing I was an empty shell going through the motions, just to get by! I had trouble losing weight, but none gaining it! I was tired, sad, sleepy and in a fog every day. I tried everything and yes, it usually helped a bit, but then the rebound weight, oh boy! I heard about this “thing” and saw a friend get good results. I kept saying I’m an RN and a Certified Fitness Trainer, so I could do it on my own thanks! Finally the light went on and I tried it! I remember day #5, waking up before my alarm and thinking I slept in. I remember feeling funny, which was that feeling of energy again. I was sleeping through the night and alive again! I don’t want to forget to mention the weight loss. The first picture day 1, the second day 30 and the third 2 years later, the magic is in the maintenance! I have not gained a pound in over 3 years! I could never say that with the gym, calorie reduction, counting carbs or pills!

With full disclosure, I have not cleansed in a LONG TIME, but just finished a 2 day cleanse on Tuesday and wow I feel great. I will never go that long again. I know I don’t have weight to lose, but cleansing is NOT just about weight loss it’s about health gains!

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Jessica M.

April 2017 I started my journey with you. By August I had released 40 pounds. It’s now 6 months later and I’m maintaining. This Lil black dress in my after pic on the right is 18 years old. I’m so happy to be wearing it again. And feeling so GOOD in it.

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Sylvia P.K.

Happy Sunday everyone. I can never thank God enough for how far He has brought me on this nutritional cleansing journey. Weight loss did not just happen to me. It took the right nutrients, hard work with persistency and consistency.

When you start something, be serious about it and know that your success will surely come. I am indeed a testament that our nutritional cleansing system works. Stay focused and be encouraged that WE GOT THIS!

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Alicia A.L.

“I’m too old. It won’t work. Drink shakes? I like my yogurt and coffee in the morning. I’m set in my ways. I’m scared of the cleanse…” I persisted. She finally agreed to give it a ‘try’. I went ahead and ordered her first 30 day as a gift. I coached her through the limited products available to Mexico customers. Although it wasn’t easy, it was worth it. Well, guess what happened?! 20 lbs released! 6 sizes down!

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