Jodie E.

So before nutritional cleansing I was an empty shell going through the motions, just to get by! I had trouble losing weight, but none gaining it! I was tired, sad, sleepy and in a fog every day. I tried everything and yes, it usually helped a bit, but then the rebound weight, oh boy! I heard about this “thing” and saw a friend get good results. I kept saying I’m an RN and a Certified Fitness Trainer, so I could do it on my own thanks! Finally the light went on and I tried it! I remember day #5, waking up before my alarm and thinking I slept in. I remember feeling funny, which was that feeling of energy again. I was sleeping through the night and alive again! I don’t want to forget to mention the weight loss. The first picture day 1, the second day 30 and the third 2 years later, the magic is in the maintenance! I have not gained a pound in over 3 years! I could never say that with the gym, calorie reduction, counting carbs or pills!

With full disclosure, I have not cleansed in a LONG TIME, but just finished a 2 day cleanse on Tuesday and wow I feel great. I will never go that long again. I know I don’t have weight to lose, but cleansing is NOT just about weight loss it’s about health gains!