Rob G

Rob G.

Rob G

I’ve been involved in the health and wellness industry for over 5yrs. I ran my own outdoor personal training company + a massage company which I ran from home. I was working 7 days a week and sometimes 14hr days. On top of that I was a student. I had no energy, I was struggling to get up in the morning, cancelling on my clients and taking nana naps throughout the day. I was burning myself out and loosing motivation to do most things a 28yr should be doing such as hanging out with friends, going to the gym or even doing simple things such as cooking for myself. As most people start out I was a huge skeptic and said no for almost 3 years to this program and truly felt that my clients including myself could get all their vitamins and nutrients from whole foods. “How could a shake change your life?” I used to think.

Well…Within the first 15 days of my program I had a complete shift in my energy levels. I was sleeping solid through the night, waking up before my alarm clock and was powering through my days and not taking NANA naps anymore. The way I felt is hard to describe to people unless you you’ve gone through it but I felt alive, happy and walked around with skip in my step. Yes, I got the shredded body but the mental transformation is what got me hooked and which is why I’m such a strong believer in what this can do for so many people. This has given me the opportunity to share my experience and help other people get the same results that I got allowing me to retire from personal training and enjoy life a little bit more. This is a system I have happily incorporated into my everyday life. Simplicity at its BEST.