Learn How To Build Your Business With Collagen Elixir!

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Step 1: Turn into Associate

Every person that makes their first Isagenix order is a customer. Turning into an associate means you now are able to create your link for people to buy from you and allows the company to pay you.

Click here to read instructions on how to turn into an associate

1. Log into back office
2. Click on “Become an Associate”
3. Enter date of birth and name you’d like to use for recognition
4. Provide your social security and tax info
* If entering as a business, you’ll also enter your EIN.
5. Opt in for email or text communication so you’re up to speed on promotions, business opportunities and events.

**Once you start earning commissions, you’ll get paid through direct deposit on Mondays. Isagenix will email you to notify you when you earn commissions on Mondays, so make sure you provide a valid email address.

Step 2: Create Collagen Bundles

Isagenix allows you to create your own specific “recommended carts” so that shopping becomes a breeze for clients. Here you will be guided to easily make your carts for the 2 different bundles we have for the Collagen Elixir. Once we have these made, your business is set.

Click here for written instructions on how to create collagen bundles

1. In your Isagenix home page while logged in, click “Team” on top bar
2. Click “manage my recommended carts”
3. Confirm USA country and choose “Preferred Customer on Lifestyle Rewards”
4. In product search bar, type “Afterglow”
5. Choose “Afterglow Bundle” (shows 6 boxes total)
6. Click “Add to cart”
7. In cart pop-up window click “continue”
8. In “Setup Lifestyle Rewards” window click “repeat initial order”
9. In cart pop-up window click “continue”
10. Insert name of cart as “AfterGlow Bundle 6 pack”
11. Click “save” in top right of page
12. REPEAT steps #2 – #11 to create the “Beauty Bundle 4 pack”

Click here to watch video on how to create collagen bundles


Step 3: Download Free IsaLife App

This is the main Isagenix smartphone app that allows for your business to be in your pocket. It allows you have a pulse on your business as well as be able to create “shareable links” of the collagen elixir bundles.

Click here for written instructions on how to download the Isalife app

1. Go to smartphone app store
2. Search “IsaLife”
3. Download “IsaLife” app
4. Open app and login with username & password

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Step 4: Turn Shareable Link into QR Code

Nothing simpler than your client scanning the QR code at your place to simply order their bundle in less than 2 mins. The link will always be attached to that QR code you generate for it. We recommend having 1 QR code for the Beauty Bundle (4 pack) and 1 QR code for the Afterglow Bundle (6pack)

Click here for written instructions on how to turn sharable link into QR Code

1. Go to IsaLife app and click the person icon in bottom right corner
2. Scroll to “My Team” and click “Share Isagenix”
3. Click a collagen bundle cart
4. Make sure under “placement” it is set as “MINOR VOLUME TEAM”
5. Click “Share this recommended cart” and copy link
6. Go to https://www.qrcode-monkey.com
7. Insert “recommended cart” link into URL spot
8. Click “Download PNG” to have the working QR code
9. Repeat Steps 3 to 8 with other collagen bundle

Congrats on officially launching your backoffice!


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Key 1: Download Results Flipbook

This flip book is filled with a variety of results that customers have seen. Places have had an iPad that is designated for this virtual flipbook to be on however can also be printed if preferred.

CLICK HERE for flip book


Key 2: Pick your marketing materials to print

We have multiple types of marketing material for you such as a flip book, brochures, banners, and more. Simple to download, print, and start using in your business.

CLICK HERE for trifold brochure example
CLICK HERE for other sales tools & materials (Banners, postcards etc)


Key 3: Setting Up Shelf Presentation of Elixir

Most places have found that a small yet eye-catching presentation of the Collagen Elixir bottles and box help to intrigue the customer. Here are some examples of presentation set ups however feel free to do as you see being best fit.

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Detailed Science Video

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