Millionaire Spotlight

Alexis Romano

Millionaire No. 100

New Jersey High School Guidance Counselor Becomes 100th Isagenix Millionaire. When asked her insight, she humbly replied, “I was not an overnight success…In fact, it was a long process and up until a year ago, I had no idea what I really was doing.”

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Tara Romano

Millionaire No. 119

Since Tara can remember, eating healthy and working out has always been a big part of her daily routine. In fact, before she became a Zumba instructor, she wanted to become a P.E. teacher. At the time, teaching jobs were hard to come by, so Tara worked three part-time jobs to make ends meet. “I taught 10 to 20 fitness classes a week and worked two bartending jobs on the weekend,” she explains.

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Ciji Siddons

Millionaire No. 146!

She’ll notoriously confuse north with south and has the frequent inability to identify the general location of Utah, but when it came time to choose the direction she would take in life, well…she couldn’t figure that out either. The funny thing is, it may be her terrible sense of direction and fearlessness of getting lost that took her off the road most traveled and into her life of authentic happiness.

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Heather Wood Johnson

Millionaire No. 169

Twenty years ago, Heather was as an account manager in the music industry working with popular artists like Britney Spears, George Strait, and Ozzy Osbourne. “It sounds pretty glamorous, and it was a great career in my 20s,” remembers Heather, “but it was a lot of stress, and then I got laid off.”

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Dawn Ferrentino

Millionaire No. 175 
When Dawn was first introduced to Isagenix by her hometown friend Alexis, she just didn’t think that the program would work. “I was really skeptical at first. I actually didn’t start for about seven and half, eight months. I just blew her off and didn’t respond for a while,” remembers Dawn.

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Christine Orsino

Millionaire No. 181

“When I was working in corporate America, I always had that nagging feeling,” Christine remembers. “I felt like there was something more that I was supposed to be doing; I just had no idea where to find it.”

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Angela Maresca

Millionaire No. 193

Angela’s parents immigrated to Brooklyn, New York, in 1974 for a better life and greater opportunity. Growing up, Angela was taught to get a job with a good pension and health insurance, but she never dreamed that she could one day find success by building her own business.

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Kerry Gutilla

Millionaire No. 222

“We are taught to go through the motions to meet the status quo – school, job, pension, etc.,” Kerry said. “That all sounded okay in theory, but it’s never really resonated with me, and it certainly didn’t excite me.”

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Ed and Bessie Goldin

Millionaire No. 284

When he began Isagenix in May 2013, Ed had no idea his decision to lose weight would ultimately change more than just his appearance.

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Jodi Tosini and Jessica St. Peter

Millionaire No. 260

New York City History Teacher and Corporate America Executive found Network Marketing to be the best opportunity to become entrepreneurs and live life on their own terms. Isagenix millionaires Jodi and Jessica will tell you “The days of trading time for dollars are over. Being able to work from anywhere, creating residual income with no cap on what we can earn is truly a blessing and total sense of Freedom. If freedom is a priority in your life, seek out the people who have it and do what they do! Success always leaves a roadmap.

Joanna and Mike Cavalcante

Millionaire No. 233

A former “Jack of all Trades,” Joanna Cavalcante began working in sales right out of college. After some time, Joanna decided to go back to school for her cosmetology license. She realized that she had a real passion for teaching fitness, and Joanna began looking into starting her own boutique fitness studio. Joanna was introduced to Isagenix and quickly experienced amazing physical results. She immediately saw it as a vehicle to make extra money, and started sharing Isagenix with her friends and family. As Joanna’s business began to grow, she started to lock arms with like-minded people and felt a sense of community. The money she earned part time with Isagenix allowed her and her husband to start a family. In just under two years, Joanna replaced her husband’s corporate income and brought him home to work the business with her. Joanna & Mike became Isagenix Millionaire’s* in the fall of 2017, right before bringing their baby girl into the world. Thanks to Isagenix, Joanna and her husband now work from home full time, allowing them to spend time with their 4-year-old son Jake and 1-year-old daughter Liv. They want to share the gift of Isagenix, impacting as many lives as they can!

Laurie Carminucci

Millionaire No. 293

Former high school English teacher, turned stay-at-home mom, Laurie Carminucci fell in love with the Isagenix system she used to drop the last 10 pounds of baby weight. As a result, Laurie shared what she loved with her friends and family and her “unplanned” Isagenix business started to take off. “I absolutely love the financial freedom that is possible in this business, but what I value most is the time freedom. Being able to travel around the world with my family, volunteer in my kids’ classrooms and create my own schedule is truly priceless.” Laurie continues to pay it forward and bless more people with the incredible solutions that Isagenix offers. She is so grateful for this company and looks forward to impacting as many people’s lives as possible!

Laurie Carminucci

Pete and Wendy Kaufmann

Pete & Wendy Kaufmann

Millionaires No. 295

The Kaufmanns started their Isagenix journey in 2014 just to try the program for a month. They already considered themselves healthy, exercised six days a week, and ate organic. After a great product experience they saw a great opportunity to help others accomplish what they had. Peter and Wendy ran with the business opportunity and three years later, with hard work, dedication, and consistency, bought their dream home in New Orleans and have grown an international business team.

Abby & Dylan O'Neil

Millionaires No. 290

Abby was first introduced to Isagenix by Joana Cavalcante while on vacation in Aruba. At the time, Abby was a single mother who has just graduated from business school and put her dreams of becoming a pharmaceutical rep on hold. Six years after her initial meeting with Joana, Abby decided to start her Isagenix business after feeling exhausted and missing her husband who often had to travel for work.

Abby and her husband, Dylan, now focus on growing their business together full time* and can enjoy time with their three daughters. Isagenix has allowed Abby to pursue opportunities that would otherwise not be available and find the community and friendships she has wished for her entire life.

Abby enjoys traveling, photography, skiing, and giving back to her community. She is passionate about parents having the ability to be present in their lives and raise their children.

Dylan was introduced to Isagenix by his wife, Abby, who started her journey a few months before him. He was fully supportive of Abby when she used the products but was resistant to try them himself. But, once he saw the physical results Abby achieved, along with her newfound energy, he knew he had to give it a shot.
When the couple was first introduced to Isagenix, Dylan was working a full-time job with a long commute for an experiential marketing company in their fabrication and production division. He often worked 70-80+ hour weeks building displays, custom vehicles, and trailers for clients. He wasn’t home very often and even had a bedroom set up in his office at the shop for those long nights when he was working too late and didn’t want to make the drive home.

He enjoys woodworking, golfing and snowboarding. He especially loves being a part of the START community because there are so many young people out there who have no idea what this industry has to offer. He shared, “The possibilities one can create are limitless if they have the vision and the drive.”

Abby Dylan ONeil

Lara Leopaldi

Lara Leopaldi

Millionaire No. 251

Lara was exhausted, unfulfilled and burnt out commuting and working long hours on Wall Street. She started Isagenix to gain energy but with a shy and quiet personality was a hard no to the opportunity side. A year after loving the products and the way she felt, she decided why not her. Network Marking was the vehicle she had been searching for all a long – she longed for time and financial freedom and that is exactly what she found with Isagenix. She knew she wanted to start a family yet her old career was never going to grant her the family life she wanted nor the opportunity to see her future children awake. After hard work and dedication she is now able to stay home with her 2 year old daughter.

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START 1000 is an exclusive club of young leaders ages 18-35 who are eligible to earn six-figure residual income with Isagenix. These leaders have worked extremely hard to achieve this milestone and are committed to helping others see the same vision for physical and financial freedom in their own lives. Of 333 START 1000 inductees to date, our team has watched 16 of our leaders walk the stage earning this honor. These achievements are a testament of their individual dedication to providing solutions to others, yielding Results You Can’t Get Anywhere Else™.

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