Jamie B.

Looking at my before pictures is PAINFUL. Not only because physically I was unfit but because in spite of my best efforts to eat well I was obviously failing. Yes, I ate lots of clean food (we have an organic farm, after all) but I had a definite problemĀ with portion control not to mention a coffee addiction coupled with sweets to get me through the day. And yes, I had tried some diets, but they always seemed to sacrifice long-term health for short-term results and were certainly not a sustainable route to a lifetime of health. By great good fortune, I learned about nutritional cleansing and was shown a different route to the body and health I envisioned.

Was I scared? Was I skeptical? You Bet!!! But I wanted a change badly enough that I was willing to put those voices aside and try a program that I saw delivering phenomenal results to so many people.

The Short Story: 30 lbs released in 2 months, countless inches gone, 3 dress sizes history. But the longer story is what really matters. Food cravings gone, consistent energy throughout my day, energized workouts that deliver results, handling stress like a charm, sleeping like a baby, waking rested and recharged. My body continues to transform and I feel better than I did when I was 20.

I will NEVER go back to the state I was in because I have the tools for a LIFETIME of health. I know now what it is to live in a body that is ON FIRE with VIBRANT HEALTH. And it is FABULOUS!